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                                  100% circular mobile cases in collaboration with A Good Company.

                                           Produced in Sweden, made from organic linseed farming.


                                                         Available here:


Hi Emma!


We are so excited to have the chance to launch this amazing collection together with you! Your design aesthetic is truly captivating. We are also so happy to have you joining #agoodcommunity today, we believe that many of our followers would love to hear more about your life and how you have gained the success which you have achieved today!




  1. We are so happy that you wanted to join us, what was the main reason you joined the agood community? 


-I’ve been asked to do similar collaborations before but it hasn’t felt completely right. And then when you reached out it just felt perfect, considering all the good that you do and stand for. 

So collaborating with you goes beyond just creating beautiful products, it has true meaning


  1. We love the amount of detail you put into all your designs, we are interested to know how long each piece takes you to complete?


-On average, I would say that one painting takes a couple of weeks to finish, but it differs quite a lot. As one painting seem to just paint itself, another takes more effort and time. When I’m in the flow, I work fast and intuitively. That’s the best part of my practise. But even the more struggling aspects of my work is really rewarding.


  1. Your painting technique is very different to many other artists, how come you started with fluid art? 


-Art has always been kind of a therapy for me, and I was on a search for a technique where I could just let go, where all my feelings could just pour out of me onto the canvas. I need a process where I can be messy and words like perfection isn’t a thing. This technique is freedom for me.


  1. Did you always know that this was what you wanted to work with?


-When I was young, music was my main thing. It still is a major part of my life, but when I started painting I immediately felt at home. I’ve always liked the abstract expression, but this specific technique of painting came to me after some time though.


  1. We saw you had been working with the Eco-pot project in 2017, are there any other projects like this you wish to be a part of? 


-I’m always open for good, meaningful projects. If I can contribute in some way, I’m happy to.


  1. Your art has been on makeup packaging, wallpaper, and now our circular phone cases!! Are there any other products you would like to see your art work displayed?


-Oh, there are so many things to do! I try to stay open and curious, and as doors open up for me, grab the opportunity.


  1. We love how each individual can perceive your work in different ways. We perceive some of your art as showing natures beauty, however, how do you perceive your own work?


-That’s one of my favorite things about my art as well, to hear what different people see and feel about it. Personally I see my paintings as portraits of creative energy, and as such portrayals of life. Nature, the cosmos, cell formations; all part of the same energy.


  1. Aside from your artwork, how big a role does sustainability play in your day to day life? 


-I do my best to make conscious decisions in life. It’s clear we have to change our destructive habits, and take personal responsibility for our actions. Even though I’m just one person, I do what I can.


  1. We love how you are trying to train others to express their creativity using fluid art, how important is creativity to you? 


-It’s everything! It’s life. Without creativity, I wouldn’t be who I am today. We are all creative, we just have to find our own thing, whatever it is. It’s such a healing power.


  1. You really have gone global with your artwork! Is there any other country which you want to show your artwork in?


-No one in particular. I just want to reach as many people as possible. And it’s not the same thing seeing my artwork on a screen as it is in person, so any opportunity I get to exhibit my work abroad I’m obviously thrilled to take.

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